Libel advice, action and proceedings for claimants and for defendants


This website should be of interest to anyone who considers they have been libelled and harmed by what has been published about them by an individual, a corporate organisation such as a newspaper, or indeed any other media outlet.


Since we also defend those 'accused' of libel this website will be of interest to those who are on the receiving end of threats of libel proceedings; in particular journalist and media companies. We can offer a bespoke libel vetting and affordable fixed price litigation protection package to small or start-up blogs, as well as fixed price "litigation defence packages" to the established press, which includes 24/7 advice access to our firm for a fixed price. 


We are a niche independent legal practice set up in 1991 by Mr Barjinder Singh Sahota (a solicitor-advocate in the civil courts). To find out more please click the following link About Us

Have you been libelled?

It is important not to over-react or suffer in silence when something hurtful and damaging to your reputation has been published - the first step to making a proportionate response could be to get early and objective expert legal advice.

Visit our victim of libel page to find out how we can assist you.





Are you threatened with a libel law suit?

The threat of libel action can itself be a very stressful time irrespective of whether you are a professional journalist, a small-scale blogger, or an ordinary private individual.   

Early and objective advice can not only alleviate unnecessary worry but also save a lot of expense in the long term. So whether you are a  corporate organisations (media or otherwise), or just an ordinary private individual on the receiving end of a libel suit, we can help.

Some complaints have no factual merit and many others have have a watertight 'technical' defence. Whatever happens to be circumstances of your individual case, we can apply the law and our decades of experience to resolve matters in an appropriate, efficient, and proportionate manner.  If necessary we will (and occasionally this is the only option) defend the claim on your behalf at a full trial in court.    

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