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STAGE 1 - a "threatening" pre-action libel accusation lands on your desk !

We think that dealing effectively with the initial libel complaint is often a critical stage.  A timely response can bring about an early end to the threat or at the very least set the tone for future conduct of the litigation.  That is why all our initial advice is considered and reviewed by Mr Sahota, a former journalist, and a solicitor-advocate with 27 years experience in this field who regularly advises numerous media outlets faced with letters of action from clamants and their solicitors.  To the uninitiated these "letters of action" can, and often do, appear very threatening - but a calm and careful analysis will often sort out the "bluster" from the truth.  The art is to know the law and to apply that to the particular facts of what is being alleged; and then compare that to the known evidential truth.  

Mr Sahota can offer a fixed price quote to a private individual, a company director, or an editor to deal with threats of libel at this early stage.  

We are happy to discuss our fixed price quotes for each and every stage of the litigation on a no obligation basis.  We also offer annual packages for pre-publication advice. 

Not all media outlets are multinationals - we are happy to discuss "no win no fee" defence work funding arrangment with the smaller publishers - especially "citizen-blogs".   

We are also able to "block quote" for work dealing with press complaints or queries received from IPSO.



There are 3 stages to the work we can do for you, please see below:



Stage 1

Advising on the first letter of complaint

Stage 2

Negotiating and attempting to settle prior to issue of court proceedings

Stage 3

Defending AFTER court proceedings issued