Who are we?

I run a sole practice law firm specialising in defamation law but increasingly my interests have diversified into health sciences, clinical research, biobanking, artificial intelligence, robotics (brain interfaces), space law, and smart contract (blockchain) solutions. 

My admin HQ is at 169 Piccadilly, Mayfair, in the heart of central London. In addition to serving my office needs it is a pivotal meeting hub with bespoke conference facilities.

Founded 29 years ago (1991) my practice has represented many individuals, newspapers, companies, charities, and other organisations. I offer a personal 'one to one' service with direct 24/7 access on pre-agreed transparent budgets. I do some 'pro bono' work for start-ups and new entrepreneurs. 


After almost 30 years of litigation 'battles' in the High Court (mainly in the Royal Courts) my interests have diversified into health research and ethics, health related compliance and governance, data and privacy, biobanking, ai health solutions, robotics (brain interfaces), space law and smart contract (blockchain) solutions. I am a volunteer member of a number of ethics committees involved in research ethics and biobanking. I also serve as special advisor to a new 'not for profit' online biobank service.

About Mr Sahota

I am a solicitor-advocate with an earlier career in journalism.  An interest in human rights led me to work at the Commission for Racial Equality and later on to qualify (in June 1990) as a solicitor and setting up my own firm in 1991, at 50 Essex Street, London (above Daly's Champagne Bar!). Six years later I moved office to Pepy's Chambers at 17 Fleet St (Prince Henry's Room) but when Chambers closed I moved a 100 yards down the road to 218 Strand (opposite the Royal Courts of Justice). After over 10 years at the Strand I recently moved base a few miles west to 169 Piccadilly in Mayfair - still within easy reach of the Royal Courts of Justice. 

As a "solicitor-advocate" I have the flexibility to represent clients at all levels of the civil courts in England and Wales.

I read Politics with International Studies at Warwick University (1975-78); then post-graduate journalism at City University (1978-79); and my solicitors qualifying exams (CPE and LSF) at Wolverhampton University (1986-88). 

I intend to continue with litigation - which is exciting and challenging in its own right -  but for some years now my attention has increasingly diverted into health sciences and applied new technology. It is a facinating field. It is where the future lies. It is where I am targetting my energy and focus to provide inspired advice and consultancy.


I am the Data Protection Officer; registered as Barjinder Singh Sahota, with the Information Commissioner's Office (ref: Z7268922).

Please note:

1. My firm does not hold or process any 'cookies', or process any analytical data, on visitors to this website.

2. Data is processed in connection with my firm's professional practice of providing advice and litigation services to clients - and related data on third parties involved in those matters; and in the performance of my firm's administrative and statutory obligations eg in the prevention of crime and fraud.

3. I do not send out speculative circulars or marketing material.

4. Data is generally retained for 7 years - this could be longer if required for legal, professional, or regulatory obligations. 

5. Subjects of data have rights over their data which include the following: i. right to be informed about collection and use ii. right of access and copies iii. right of correction of inaccurate data iv. right of erasure iv. right to restrict or stop processing v. right to move data to a third party. 

Rights are not absolute - they are conditional, eg if processing is part of legal advice then legal professional privilege would apply excluding access to third parties. For more details visit the Information Commissioner's Office www.ico.org.uk or contact me at lawyers@libel-law.co.uk or write to me at 169 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London, W1J 9EH.