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STAGE 3 - Litigation AFTER court proceedings issued

Whilst we make genuine attempts to settle there are situations where settlement is just not possible and the only way to vindicate your reputation is by going to court. It may be that the defendant publisher contiinues to make the allegations and claims they are true or is simply belligerent.

Stage 3 is reached where negotiations for settlement (see "stage 2") have failed and court proceedings are issued. Litigation can get extremely costly but with the advent of "NO-WIN, NO-FEE" arrangements legal expertise and justice through the courts has become more accessible to the ordinary person.

Litigation is not something to be taken lightly however, if it proves necessary, we have the expertise to take matters right up to trial (and beyond to the appellant courts if necessary) on a "NO-WIN, NO-FEE" basis.

If we lose you will not have to pay our legal fees. If you win, then normally a court will order your opponent to pay our fees (and not you!). In any event we will not seek to recover more in legal fees from you than we are able to recover from your opponent. Our incentive for taking on cases under this arrangement is that we can add a 'success fee' to 'reward' us for the risk of taking on cases where we may receive no payment at all.

BUT please note the following: Court fees and other disbursements (e.g. counsels fees, experts reports etc) may be incurred during the lifetime of a case. These extra expenses, if any, will be explained in advance but will remain your responsibility to pay. Also please be aware that in the event that you lose the action, though you will not be paying our legal fees, you will most likely have to pay the winning opponent's legal fees and expenses. It is possible to take out insurance to guard against this risk and we will advise on the potential for this cover in the circumstances of your particular case.

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Stage 1

Initial Assessment

Stage 2

Negotiated settlement attempt BEFORE issue of court proceedings

Stage 3

Litigation AFTER court proceedings issued