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STAGE 1 - Initial Assessment

The FIRST STAGE is to assess your complaint.

We do this by carefully reviewing what was written or said about you and the context in which it was published. After taking time to think and reflect upon the information you give us we will send you a written assessment of the merits and the law applicable to your particular situation as well as our recommendation as to what to do.

We charge a fixed fee, irrespective of the time taken, for this initial assessment of £99.00 plus VAT (a total sum of £118.80). We aim to get back to you with an assessment within a few days of receiving the information we ask for and our fixed fee.

All assessments are done personally by Mr Sahota who is a solicitor-advocate with 20 years experience. They are not shelved or hived off to be done by a more junior member of staff so you can be rest assured that your advice will be from the top.

To obtain an assessment of your case all you need do is to take the following simple steps:

  • email us with a very briefly outline your complaint;
  • we will look at your complaint and if it is in our area of expertise we will email you back and ask you to provide any further information we need;
  • if, after reading our reply you still wish to continue to proceed to obtain an assessment of your complaint you will need to post us any information we asked for together with our fixed fee, payable by cheque only, through the post.

Note: We do not accept on-line payment as we think you should be allowed time to think about instructing us and not "impulse buy" our advice.

Please click on to the contact us box to send us brief details of your complaint. You will only be asked for payment if after we reply to you, you still wish to proceed to instruct us for an assessment of your case. If your complaint has merit we will then advise you to go on to Stage 2 or Stage 3 depending on the circumstances of your case.


There are 3 stages to the work we can do for you, please see below:



Stage 1

Initial Assessment

Stage 2

Negotiated settlement attempt BEFORE issue of court proceedings

Stage 3

Litigation AFTER court proceedings issued