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STAGE 1 - Initial Assessment

The FIRST STAGE is to assess the strengths (and any weaknesses!) of the facts behind the libel and any specific legal points that need attention.

We carefully review matters and are able to provide a written advice (often by email) on the merits and applicable law to your case as well as possible routes forward by way of remedies that could be sought. This process can take several hours and sometimes even longer. 

Our charge for this preliminary assessment is a fixed fee of £500.00 + VAT (total £600.00) but we will waive this fee (at our discretion) should we decline to take on your case for whatever reason. So if your case does not proceed further with us you will have received our advice free of charge.  We will ask you for payment of this preliminary fee should we take on your case but if you are unable to afford immediate payment we usually agree to postpone it until the end of the case, or even (again at our discretion) waive it altogether. The rationale behind us potentially waiving the fee is that we do not want to discourage genuine claimants case who lack finance. We can (at our discretion) also offer "no win no fee" and/or fixed fee funding arrangements.  This can substantially assist claimants in funding the action or at the very least in budgetting for it in advance.  

This prelimininary review or assessment is conducted personally by Mr Sahota, a solicitor-advocate in the civil courts (England & Wales), who founded this firm 27 years ago in 1991. 

To request an assessment please take the following simple steps:

  • email us with brief details of the libel and the outcome you seek - you need not send any documents at this stage;
  • if, after reading your email, we feel able to provide preliminary advice we will contact you and ask for any further information including any documents we need to see; we will also let you know if we require you to pay our initial fee, or if the fee can be postponed (if you are unable to afford immediate payment), or even waived (at our discretion).

Our advice will thereafter follow normally by email within a few days.  If the matter proceeds further we will send you our formal solicitor and client contract and information letter.  This will explain the procedure ahead.  Should a meeting be necessary this will be arranged at our office or at a place convenient to you. 

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There are 3 stages to the work we can do for you, please see below:



Stage 1

Initial Assessment

Stage 2

Negotiated settlement attempt BEFORE issue of court proceedings

Stage 3

Litigation AFTER court proceedings issued