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STAGE 3 - Defending AFTER court proceedings issued

Once proceedings are issued it is vital to get the best legal representation possible. Our offices are opposite the Royal Courts of Justice in London where most libel cases are dealt with in England and Wales. We have 20 years of experience in this area of law and all work is personally conducted or closely supervised by Mr Sahota who is Solicitor-Advocate with full rights of audience before the civil judges of the Royal Courts.

A defence needs to be prepared with well researched and investigated facts. We believe there is no substitute for good preparation and to see and speak to witnesses at the earliest opportunity. Presented with impenetrable facts many claims will settle early. Mr Sahota has investigated many stories both as a journalist and as a lawyer - no stone should be left unturned!

Courts these days, under the new civil procedure rules, take a much more pro-active part in the progress of litigation and defendants can no longer just take a back seat as the court itself will push the case forward forcing defendants to take key decisions as the case winds it way to trial. We will keep you fully informed and advised throughout.

We will not let costs escalate beyond control and will give a no nonsense quote for work up to a given stage regardless of the hours and time spent. In this way you can keep control of your budget in advance. We will also give serious consideration to taking on a defence on a "no win no fee" basis which means that if the case goes to trial and the claimant wins you will not charge you any costs! We will do this in those cases where we are confident of victory. We will probably be able to tell you at the initial complaint advice stage whether we would be prepared to defend on a "no win no fee" basis.


There are 3 stages to the work we can do for you, please see below:



Stage 1

Advising on the first letter of complaint

Stage 2

Negotiating and attempting to settle prior to issue of court proceedings

Stage 3

Defending AFTER court proceedings issued