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STAGE 1 - Advising on the first letter of complaint

All our initial advice is dealt with personally by Mr Sahota who is a former journalist and a solicitor-advocate with 20 years experience. He is currently libel adviser to several newspapers so you can be rest assured that your advice will not be shelved off to be done by more junior staff and will come straight from the top. It is crucial to decide how you are going to respond to a letter of complaint quite early on - good professional advice can save a lot trouble which would otherwise be stored for later on. It is important to deal with genuine complaints in an understanding a considerate manner and be prepared to offer an apology and correction at the earliest opportunity. On the other hand you need to sift through the frivolous and the "gold digger" type of complaints and deal with them effectively without being scared into submission by the fear of libel damages or the costs of legal action.

We offer a fixed price written advice service on any letter of complaint of £150 plus VAT (total £180) which would include us reading the offending story, speaking to the journalist involved and reading his/her notes and background papers if any, and then advising the editor by fax or email. Our advice would include our opinion on the law applicable to the situation, possible defences and tactical considerations. We aim to do all this within a few days of receipt of the information we request.

We will in most cases also be able to advise you at this stage whether we would defend the case on a "no win no fee" basis (ie we do not charge any fees if the claimant wins his case at trial) should proceedings be issued.

What to do to get a written advice:

Just email us with a few sentences about the complaint received. We will respond, normally on the same day, and confirm what further information we need and the timetable for providing you with our advice. It is as simple as that. Once we have the information we requested we will give you our written advice within a few days.


There are 3 stages to the work we can do for you, please see below:



Stage 1

Advising on the first letter of complaint

Stage 2

Negotiating and attempting to settle prior to issue of court proceedings

Stage 3

Defending AFTER court proceedings issued