Who are we?

We are a sole principal solicitors firm specialising in libel law.  Our office base is on the Strand opposite the Royal Courts of Justice. Mr Sahota offers a 'one to one' legal service both for Claimants who wish to wish to obtain vindication; and also for Defendants who are accused of libel. We undertake work on a broad range of funding arrangements including some on a "no win no fee" basis. This makes legal expertise more accessible to those with a case that has merit.

Founded 21 years ago by Mr Sahota (a former journalist) our practice has achieved many favourable settlements for private individuals as well as newspaper and other media clients.

Mr Sahota provides on-site training seminars for journalists and a pre-publication advice service to the media.

About Mr Sahota

Mr Sahota is a lawyer with a background in journalism and, in addition to running his own law firm, is legal advisor to several newspapers. This experience can help achieve settlements or, if appropriate, fight or defend a case.

He has Solicitor-Advocate status in the Higher Civil Courts of England and Wales and graduated from Warwick and City Universities where he read Politics and Journalism respectively.

He became a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales in June 1990.

The firm's policy

We are not biased for or against the press. The balance between freedom of expression on the one hand and the protection of individual reputations is finely balanced and both are important rights which deserve equal attention.

We aim to get those whose reputation has been tarnished an early apology, correction, and in some instances damages for the hurt caused. However we recognise that some cases will not settle and individuals have little option but to fight in court.

For our media clients we understand the pressures of a busy newsroom, tight deadlines and other pitfalls. Genuine mistakes need to be corrected quickly. In other cases the media, especially investigative journalism, has to take a stand and defend bad claims and/or expose wrongdoing.