Who this site aimed is at..

Anyone who feels they have been wronged and hurt by what has been said or written about them either in the media or elsewhere. Any journalist, editor, or publisher who has received a complaint about what they have written or broadcast or indeed anyone who wants legal advice about staying on the right side of the law of libel.

Have a complaint?

It is important not to over-react or suffer in silence when something wrong and hurtful has been published about you - quick and expert professional advice can often help.

Visit our victim of libel page to find out how we can assist you.

Received a complaint?

Those accused of libel are often affronted by a complaint especially those journalists who value their professionalism and feel they have written nothing wrong. Again good early and expert advice is not only reassuring but can often save a lot of expense and stress later.

Visit our accused of libel page to find out how we can help defend you.